In mijn gedachte.

Ik sluit mijn natte, vochtige ogen,

Ik denk na over alles wat er gezegd en gedaan is vandaag.

Iets heeft mij geraakt,

Iets heeft mij heel diep geraakt.

Iets waar ik voor leef,

Iets wat ik nodig heb,

Iets wat ik niet kan missen,

Iets waar ik nu mee in gedachte in slaap val..



I wish that that one memory I hate the most would get lost in my head, but it seems to be stuck forever..

Thousands of pieces with hope.

When I feel missrable,

I fall into thousands of pieces,

and the one thing I need then would be a glue-stick to stick all the broken pieces back on the right place and hope I won’t break again..


Cold Freezing Ice-Cube.

Suddently you’re a freezing cold ice-cube in my warm hand with no feelings,

melting slowly,

falling in small waterdrops of my hand on to the hard floor,

a few moments later there’s nothing left of you,

the ice-cube with no feelings,

in my warm hand,

I feel empty without you,

the ice-cube with no feelings..


Goodbyes are to hard.

I’m so lucky to have you in my life,

And still I know our love won't last for ever,

But it’s hard to say goodbye,

When it comes to that..


I can't live without you.

I want you by my side day and night, I need you near me in good and bad times, I want you to be with me when I cry and laugh, that’s how much I love you.



Dreaming makes life so much easier, you can let everything go your own way, just how you’d like. But when you wake up it’s all gone and you’re back in reality, back in a nightmare.




Fuck reality,

Hope is all I've got.

Best fights.

Fights with you are the best fights on the world, but they do hurt the most.


Life is short,

So you better make it a hell of a party!

The goldest star.

The night as dark as black with an outstanding glowing moon and millions of golden stars across the sky,

what I’m about to tell you is not a lie,

when I look at the sky filled with stars,

I see a star that’s the goldest one of all,



You are so far away,

and yet I still can feel your breath in my neck.


I don't know if I will survive, not living near you..


Start over.

Don't erase a part of your life when it sucks,

Just start over and draw it back,

It will look beautifull  once you've finished it ~

Someone else.

I've changed,

In so many ways.

I've became someone else,

someone who's got so much stronger than before,

because of everything that has happend in the past..


The teer that's rolling onto the floor,

Is a teer I don't want to forget no more.

I'm thankfull for having you in my life.

Lose & Die.

When I lost you,

It was like a part of me died..

A Gift.

Love is a gift,

when will I get it?